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From styling your plate to your closet and everything in between, I’ll show you how to unleash instant confidence with insider secrets from my 15+ years in the fashion & beauty industry.  


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Hi love! 

I’m Tonya Mann - Lifestyle Expert, Makeup Artist, Holistic Health & Beauty Coach, and your new BFF for up-leveling life. Big title? Absolutely, and I own it all!


As a former Beauty Editor, the first-ever Beauty Expert for Macy's, fitness flunky turned influencer, two-time near-death survivor, and now certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, I’ve slayed my self-doubts, failures, image issues, and health scares with confidence. But … All that swagger only came from making A LOT of messes and learning how to clean them up (literally & figuratively!).


Now, it’s my personal mission to use all that life experience, 15+ years of working in the fashion & beauty industry, and passion for holistic health, to help women unleash instant confidence. From what’s on your plate to what’s in your closet, how you’re caring for your skin, your clothes, and most importantly – yourself  I’ll teach you how to transform limiting beliefs, build healthy habits, and up-level every area of your life for good.   


You're here for a reason beauty. It's your time to shine.

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