Unleash Your Most Fierce + Fabulous Self in Just 8 Days!

In a world full of expectations, labels, & unrealistic standards, it's time to flip the script and celebrate the fierce + fabulous individual you are! LOVE YOURSELF MORE is your invitation to ditch the self-doubt, own your worth, and strut through 2024 like the queen you were born to be!

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8 Days, 8 Life-Changing Lessons to Ditch Self-Doubt and Ignite Your Confidence


Whether you’re letting people pleasing, comparison, fear, doubt, or negative self-talk stop you from going after the life you want, you’re not alone. It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos + chatter in your head. Suddenly your self-image is shook and self-love is out the door. But here’s the truth – self-love is not a luxury; it's a necessity. When you prioritize self-love, everything else falls into place.

Put yourself back at the top of your list (and the top of your game!) with the LOVE YOURSELF MORE Challenge - FEB 16-23, 2024. Over eight epic days, you’ll be gifted tools to help kick limiting beliefs to the curb and embrace your authentic, fabulous self! Here's a sneak peek of what's in store:


Give Yourself Some Damn Credit!

Get ready to toot your own horn, pat yourself on the back, and put that slow clap to work as you celebrate alllll your wins like the rockstar you are!


Set Boundaries Like a Boss

From toxic relationships to people pleasing, it's time to get clear on where your energy is going and say "buh-bye" to the things that don't serve you.


Bye Bye, B.S. Beliefs

Say "adios" to self-doubt and "hasta la vista" to negative self-talk, because today is all about kicking those b.s. limiting beliefs to the curb!


Confidence Queen Vibes

From your killer attitude to fierce fashion sense, learn to unleash your inner queen with instant confidence hacks that will help you slay every day.


Gratitude, Glitter, & Glam

Spread gratitude like glitter! Let's count your blessings and get ready to share that sparkle wherever you go.


In Your Self-Care Era

Today is all about making a commitment to "me time" and why treating yourself like a queen is non-negotiable, so grab your tiara and get ready to go all-in on self-care.


Embrace Authenticity

Celebrate everything that makes you one-of-a-kind. From your quirks to your perfect imperfections, it's time to turn your uniqueness into your superpower.


Practice Empowers

Self-love is a practice, so let's make sure you get those reps in! Craft a game plan that will empower you to strut straight into your greatness and never look back.


I’m Tonya Mann - Lifestyle Expert, Makeup Artist, Holistic Health & Beauty Coach, and your new BFF for up-leveling life!

As a former Beauty Editor, the first-ever Beauty Expert for Macy's, fitness flunky turned influencer, two-time near-death survivor, and double-certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, I’ve  slayed my share of self-doubts, failures, image issues, and health scares with confidence.

But … It's still a daily practice! That swagger only came from making A LOT of messes and learning how to clean them up (literally & figuratively!). Now, I'm on a mission to use all that life experience and 15+ years of working in the fashion & beauty industry, to help other women unleash instant confidence. 

The Free LOVE YOURSELF MORE Challenge is just the start of that. I'm so excited to invite you along to this epic, 8-day self-love party! I'll be sharing my fave practices to help transform limiting beliefs, build healthy habits you’ll actually enjoy, and discover the up-level that occurs when you go from trying to fit to consciously, unapologetically, and fabulously standing out! I hope you'll join me. xx

YOU deserve it all. Claim it!

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Join me for 8 days that have the power to change your life. You’ll learn to leave your limited beliefs behind and strut into your future with more confidence that ever. We start in a few short days (FEB 16-23). Save your spot today!