The 11-Day Glow Up

Amazed we’re halfway through 2022? Me too!!! And just in case that realization sent your mind spiraling with questions about where the last six months went, has you making lists of all the “things” you haven’t done yet, or you're suddenly feeling rushed to squeeze it all in – you are not alone. In fact, I created The 11-Day Glow Up after having a mid-year mini meltdown of my own. #truth Thankfully my sassy inner voice has become almost stealth-like at keeping overwhelm, lack, anxiety, and fear in check, but it hasn’t always been that way. I know firsthand: That gut feeling of disappointment when you think, “How has six months passed, and nothing has changed – again?” Or, the tightness in your chest, neck, shoulders, even your throat because you thought you were doing a better job managing your (time, budget, relationships, diet, ______ ), and you honestly want to do better, but things somehow felt so overwhelming you realize you never even started. I could keep going, but here’s the real TRUTH – the first six months of your year do not have to define the next. You get to choose how you’re going to spend your time and where you want to put your energy every single day – so let’s! Let’s do life better, together with The 11-Day Glow Up. This live, 11-day masterclass is designed to: Help you reflect on the first half of your year, Reconnect & align with who you want to be going forward, and Empower you with the vision, tools & support to give the second half of 2022 a healthy, beautiful, & abundant glow up! I’m seriously so lit up over this! I know how life-changing it can be, and that’s why I want you to experience the powerful shifts that come from consciously choosing how you spend your time, having a plan in place, and tools to support you when life goes off the rails (because it will!). You’re going to get all of that and more. The 11-Day Glow Up includes: 11 days of live coaching with yours truly! Starting July 11-21, 2022 Exclusive access to a #glowup community through our private Facebook Group Powerful daily downloads, activations & tools to put everything you learn into practice Clarity, support, and a personal action plan to give the second half of 2022 whatever kind of glow up you’re looking for! All beautifully priced at $111.11. Join now and choose YOU this 2022.

$111.11 USD